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If you're interested in using my Add-ons please send me a quick email - I'll mail you the respective files.

Add-ons are:
  • Password required to see the larger version of an image
  • Specific icon for each folder (icons taken from a generic MyPhotoGallery-folder)
  • sitemap with foldericons (link)
  • dynamic sitemap with AJAX and YUI (see that icon next to the breadcrumps?)
  • tagging pictures (link)
  • tag-cloud (link)
  • Random picture (see top right corner)
  • AJAX-style search engine (link)
  • mod_rewrite for albums, pictures and my addons (see that nice short URLs in the links above)
  • automatic redirection (slideshow) with random and next-album picture (goto any picture to see it)
  • on-the-fly generation of smaller pics, no copies of copies of images anymore (by ML, behind the scenes)
  • Displaying how many pictures there are beneath each folder (go to the main page to see it)
  • Google Map support to display the locations of the pictures in a folder (link)
  • Google Map support to display routes through the world (under construction)
  • Some stupid but nice chinese television show using JS (link)

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